Mar 172013
It started when the mother of a 10 year-old student mentioned that she referred me to the mother of an 8 year-old for lessons. She characterized me as “strict but not mean.” Hmm, they are usually thought to be the same thing. I decided it meant that there were certain things that were necessary to learn before one can play well and play musically. read the rest
Mar 312012
The Baggage Fossils Bring to Their LessonsAdults bring a great deal of baggage with them to their lessons because of their history with music and education. They come insecure about their musical knowledge and afraid of the power they feel in music. Their memories of teachers are mixed. They are justifiably cautious about starting a relationship with a new one. Further, adults misunderstand the learning process as it relates to piano. read the rest
Feb 282012
This is the transcript of my presentation given at the Levine Summer 2005 Pedagogy Workshop at the new Strathmore Arts Center on August 25, 2005. This workshop was sponsored by the Levine School of Music in Washington, DC. A Buddhist legend tells of the Prince of the mythological kingdom of Shambhala coming to the Buddha saying: Our people revere your teachings, but we cannot all become monks for we must work, have children and do the other activities that make life possible. read the rest