Feb 282012
Adults Have Difficulty Converting Notation Into Musical FlowAs beginners, children and adult piano students bring different mental abilities to the task of understanding music notation. As a result, I expect different paths for each group. Adults understand the concepts of note and rhythm faster than children do. They should, for adults’ minds, unlike children’s, are conceptual in nature. On the other hand, it’s hard for adults to grasp that notation is ultimately about sound and physical action. read the rest
Feb 272012
NotationIn Emblems of the Mind: The Inner Life of Music and Mathematics (Times Books, 1995), Edward Rothstein talks about musical and mathematical notation as secret symbols, undecipherable by the uninitiated. “Uninitiated” is a good word for music teachers to remember when working with beginning adult students because that’s how these students feel. They feel a sense of magic about music and they feel ignorant. read the rest